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Consumer Complaints - Sync Visas UK

Consumer Complaints

Timely Response, detailed information and very understanding and honestly headed agents. Available any times and assisting in all ways possible whenever needed.
Thank you Sync Visas.

– Tazeem Ibrahim


I want you to know how responsive the people in your UK office were. Had various email correspondence with agent and he was always very responsive and answered my questions. Then over the weekend when I was trying to fill out the australia visa forms and being so frustrated, I finally gave up and this morning called the office and got happiness.Well, let me tell you – he was absolutely wonderful and helped me more.

– Sohel Khan


I recently applied for a Denmark visa. The website was very detailed and thorough and was easy to use. I did have a question, used the link on the website, and received a response very quickly. I wish airline customer service was like that! I also appreciate the ease of status. Good job!

– Rijand Singh


I just wanted to let you know that your service is awesome. I realized a little over an hour ago that I forgot to get my canadian visa for my trip tomorrow. I called and spoke with agent, who politely and cheerfully directed me to their website and assured me that they could help. Then after I submitted and faxed a copy of my passport I called and spoke with case manager who politely and efficiently confirmed that they received my fax and let me know that the visa was in process. Then I got a call from agent letting me know that processing was complete and a confirmation email was sent which is the best part as I was harrassing my husband at home asking if anything had come across yet as I was worried!

– Suhas Patil

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