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Consumer Feedback - Sync Visas UK

Consumer Feedback

We availed the services of Sync Visas for obtaining the Permanent Resident Visa for UK. Sync Visas and whole team member are professional, honest and friendly. They were there to personally guide us in the proper direction at every stage of the visa process. Sync Visas’s Agent is always available to answer queries and provide insights during the process. I would highly recommend Sync Visas for all your visa related work.

– Arjun Singh


Sync Visas has successfully helped me achieve a major milestone in my life. I am very grateful to case manager and Team for their constant support and help.Your expertise has been invaluable in the process. To have the visa granted in such a short time has been a dream come true for us.Thank you so much.

– Shijith Das


We find the service fast, easy to use and professional. The staff are always on hand to answer any queries regardless of where in the world we require documents for. We have suggested them to many of our clients.I would definitely recommend them.

– Ronald Alam


Thank you very much for your help you’ve been excellent. If there is any review process I can do in order to show any superiors that you were incredibly helpful, then I’d be more than happy to do so.

– Ravula Bhaskar

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