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Customer Reviews - Sync Visas UK

Customer Reviews

Just a more personal letter of thanks to you following the receipt of the confirmation of the success of our Permanent Residency Appeal to express our gratitude and appreciation of the totally professional way in which you managed our case submission. From the beginning you have given balanced, constructive and realistic advice without at any stage raising false hopes.

– Komal Miyani


Thank you for all your support and everything you have done for me.would like to thank Sync Visas Immigration for solving such a difficult case of mine & getting me Prospective Spouse Visa for Canada.Good service, constant support from your side, I appreciate your follow up.

– Diksha Neshriko


Sync Visas Immigration Consultants service was very professional whilst still retaining a personal touch, all questions were usually answered within minutes and the support is second to none!! Thank you once again and we will fervently, advice the aspirants to avail your services and expertise.

– Prachi Desriksha


Sync Visas Immigration is one of the best immigration consultancy and I would highly recommend to all who are looking for immigration. They provide the best service and are very helpful throughout the entire process. The best thing about Sync Visas is they wont make false promises like other consultancy who give assurance for job as well just to fool people initially.

-Risab Ali

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