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Negative Feedback - Sync Visas UK

Negative Feedback

My Experience with Sync Visas Immigration Consultancy. is provide simple, honest, and personalized service. Team members are Always ready to help us. Thank you Sync Visa.

– Atif Islam


I moved to Australia ,but it’s very deifficult to live and work their. I have a little bit of a difficulty understanding them, even though they speak English and also it has quite a lot of high living costs and transportation cost.

– Abiola Maqsood


Denmark is a beautiful country,but it’s not easy to survive their.The people here have a very laidback attitude and if you think you can get your work done easily and efficiently then you are wrong.

– Syed Abdul


I decided to relocate to Germany , It’s very difficult to adjust live and work their. Also adjust with food and people.In a start it’s very difficult to understand language.

– Zeeshan Ali

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