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Negative Reviews - Sync Visas UK

Negative Reviews

Sync Visas team is highly professional. I would like to give many Thanks to Sync Visas and his dedicated team. This is my first experience with any of the Visa Consultants but this consultancy has lived up to the expectations & has proven to be very beneficial for my Visa.

– Edline┬áRifan


I have my cousin sister living with her husband in Germany,she tells me how they survive their.we usually feel Germany is a beautiful country,but it has quite a lot of high living costs.It’s very difficult to live there.

– Muhammad Khan


Malaysia has such a wonderful holiday destination and retirement havens in the world, You would feel happy for a few days but eventually be disappointed with yourself for making this decision. it’s very difficult to adjust to the local food as other food and also face lot of struggle.

– Medilyn Thomas


Before you consider hongkong as your dream country to live and work, please reconsider your decision before taking further action. It’s quite a lot of high living costs and also transportation cost. I spend a lot of the money I make on transportation.

– Ayim Ali

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